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At Erudite Ingenuity, we help colleges and universities jump-start, transform, tweak, refine, rethink, retool, and reposition their efforts to get where they want to be. More than a consulting organization, we are agents of change. We uncover the challenges and create the solutions that help improve performance and deliver the results that you know are somewhere “in there,’ but for whatever reason, aren’t being achieved.

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Your Instructors Need Help...


We make it our job to discover who you are—to learn the daily workings of your organization and to get to know the human capital that makes your college tick. 

Design & Implement

With clear, measurable, achievable goals in sight, we then design the roadmap that will lead to your success. We identify strategies to refine your current teaching methods. 

Embedded Training

Our embedded style separates us from the large warehouse training organizations that are unable to get personal with their instructors and drive results.

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We use our experience to create yours

I began my career in online learning in the late 90s, can you believe online learning goes back that far?  At that time, we didn’t say things like, “What LMS are you using?” “How do you engage your students virtually?” “How do you know if students are really learning?” There were no metrics, rubrics, or studies regarding how effective online teaching was...However, there were a handful of committed teachers across the globe who were interested in how this methodology might work. I was one of those teachers. I have been teaching in the online world for over 25 years.

Things have really changed...Now we have information overload regarding online learning, but we don’t necessarily support our teachers beyond the metrics and the tools. 

We don’t offer someone to talk to when a teacher is stumped regarding how to dig deeper with students or when the discussion forums are becoming rote. You might have instructional designers on your team, but do you have online teaching champions?

Do you have people that will listen to a teacher’s problem and offer real solutions without judgement and in confidence? I believe that this kind of help needs to come from outside an institution, it needs to come from a coach that is there, but not part of the daily institution. A coach that is available in the evenings, on weekends, and is willing to listen and help so that students have a great online learning experience!


Our Instructional Designers Are Skilled...

We specialize in writing and implementing customized curriculum for all modalities, creating signature courses and training programs. Our curriculum development team has a depth of knowledge in the course creation process.

Every developer on our team is well-versed in many different subjects and all hold master's level or higher degrees. Our approach to the curriculum development process is to focus on the story that needs to be told and then create the curriculum to support the identified goals.


Check what our clients say about us

Brian came into our organization and fundamentally changed the way we interacted with clients....the team became more strategic in their approach to sales, understanding the client organizational goals and helping them to identify the training to help reach them. He is truly a coach and teacher - not only to front line sales staff, but at the executive level.

Sharon Miller

Talent Architect

It is such a pleasure working with Brian. He takes the time to understand our industry and personalized a program for our firm. His approach and processes complimented our firm’s culture in a very natural way and we experienced immediate results.

Kimberly Rathbone

Managing Partner

Brian is a detailed oriented person with a proven sales training and solutions process in place. He is very engaging and knowledgeable in the educational and manufacturing industries. Brian's methods give structure to your process, creating a new birth of culture to form. His process has involved our whole team, allowing buy-in at every level. Thanks Brian, I look forward to continuing the relationship! 

Doug Bagley

Corporate Training Expert

Take it to the next level

We have many talents

Online Instructional Design

Our instructional design team has vast experience creating and delivering training for both the online modality and the classroom. Our expertise of the design process includes the ability to effectively translate ideas and theories into meaningful course content.

Executive Coaching

Our coaches are often praised for their ability to truly listen to clients and respond with creative tools to help promote a superior performance. We create a safe environment in one-on-one coaching sessions that allows clients to feel secure to share their shortcomings, fears, and areas that need improvement.

Philosophical Coaching

Why do we have so many questions when we are younger and we ask them with total confidence, then as we get older our very own thoughts get in the way of our clarity? Philosophical Coaching is designed to help us curate our thoughts mindfully and rationally on the way to creating a good life.


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