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At Erudite Ingenuity, we help myriads of businesses and organizations jump start, transform, tweak, refine, rethink, retool, and reposition their sales efforts to get where they want to be. More than a consulting organization, we are agents of change. We uncover the challenges and create the solutions that help improve performance and deliver the results that you know are somewhere “in there,’ but for whatever reason, aren’t being achieved.

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You can consistently generate 3x MORE business WITHOUT becoming a social media marketing expert by focusing on the offline game. 


We make it our job to discover who you are—to learn the daily workings of your organization and to get to know the human capital that makes your company tick. We review your product and service, and perform customized evaluations at each phase of your sales process. Once we understand who you are, the critical next step is to define who you want to be. 

Design & Implement

With clear, measurable, achievable goals in sight, we then design the roadmap that will lead to your success. We identify strategies to refine your current sales methods. Next, working with your team, we customize a new, robust Discovery Selling System designed to deliver the results you envisioned…the success you want to achieve. 

Embedded Training

Our embedded style separates us from the large warehouse sales training organizations that are unable to get personal with their clients and drive results.

about us

We use our experience to create yours

We empower small business leaders to redefine their sales methodology to instantly expand and deepen their current business relationships and effectively identify new client opportunities to build sustainable and predictable revenue.


What I have found is that most small business leaders don’t know how to scale their business and have a fear (or lack of knowledge of how to) delegate responsibilities. The lack of a repeatable sales process prevents them from growing because most processes are not documented or run solely by the owner. This leaves many deals getting stuck and it is this inconsistency that is impacting their ability to scale beyond where they are now.


What small business leaders really want is for the sales process to be easier and more seamless, but they think the problem is that their team just doesn't know how to close sales, so they end up jumping in and trying to close the sale on their own. Or if they are selling on their own, they don’t have time for proper follow-up and potential repeat revenue and client relationships get lost in the shuffle.


The real solution is that small business leaders need to create and execute a repeatable sales methodology that is super focused on recruiting, retaining, and expanding current business relationships and identifying new opportunities.


Discover how we make a difference with your company

Our proven Discovery Selling System will take your team to the next level. 

We start our sales training by immersing ourselves in your business. There’s no other way to do what we do so successfully without being “hands on” in your business. It’s one of the hallmarks of our firm and something we’re passionate about.


Check what our clients say about us

Brian came into our organization and fundamentally changed the way we interacted with clients....the team became more strategic in their approach to sales, understanding the client organizational goals and helping them to identify the training to help reach them. He is truly a coach and teacher - not only to front line sales staff, but at the executive level.

Sharon Miller

Talent Architect

It is such a pleasure working with Brian. He takes the time to understand our industry and personalized a program for our firm. His approach and processes complimented our firm’s culture in a very natural way and we experienced immediate results.

Kimberly Rathbone

Managing Partner

Brian is a detailed oriented person with a proven sales training and solutions process in place. He is very engaging and knowledgeable in the educational and manufacturing industries. Brian's methods give structure to your process, creating a new birth of culture to form. His process has involved our whole team, allowing buy-in at every level. Thanks Brian, I look forward to continuing the relationship! 

Doug Bagley

Corporate Training Expert

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And when we say, FREE, we mean really FREE!

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We have many talents

Online Instructional Design

Our instructional design team has vast experience creating and delivering training for both the online modality and the classroom. Our expertise of the design process includes the ability to effectively translate ideas and theories into meaningful course content.

Executive Coaching

Our coaches are often praised for their ability to truly listen to clients and respond with creative tools to help promote a superior performance. We create a safe environment in one-on-one coaching sessions that allows clients to feel secure to share their shortcomings, fears, and areas that need improvement.

Philosophical Coaching

Why do we have so many questions when we are younger and we ask them with total confidence, then as we get older our very own thoughts get in the way of our clarity? Philosophical Coaching is designed to help us curate our thoughts mindfully and rationally on the way to creating a good life.


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