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Welcome to Erudite Ingenuity, your destination for transformative curriculum development and cutting-edge e-learning solutions tailored to colleges, government communities, and businesses. With years of dedication, we prioritize client outcomes and uphold a commitment to excellence in both online and in-class development.

Crafting Seamless Learning Journeys for Every Modality, From Complex Concepts to Engaging Curriculum

Our Approach

Our seasoned instructional design team brings extensive expertise in crafting training solutions for both online and classroom modalities. We excel in translating complex ideas into meaningful course content, employing storyboarding techniques that result in stellar production. Proficient with popular learning management systems, we ensure SCORM compliance and incorporate interactive, responsive web architecture, along with multimedia tools to elevate the learner experience.

Skilled Instructional Designers at Your Service

Our forte lies in crafting and implementing customized curriculum across all modalities, designing signature courses and training programs. The depth of knowledge within our curriculum development team ensures a seamless course creation process. Each developer on our team holds a master's level or higher degree, showcasing versatile expertise. Our unique approach centers on identifying the story that needs to be told, and creating curriculum that aligns with identified goals.

We Simplify the Complex

Navigating technical content is our strength. Surprisingly, even the most challenging subjects can be seamlessly translated into the online modality. At Erudite Ingenuity, we've developed online training for diverse fields, including programming dispatch consoles, aquifer management, healthcare, retail-based customer service, and emotional intelligence for banking professionals.

Featured Projects

Micropathways Program

Erudite Ingenuity collaborated with Prince George's Community College to accelerate the creation of a Competency Based Education (CBE) Micropathways program. Offering learners flexibility in acquiring new skills at their own educational pace, the program encompasses three distinct pathways: Administrative Support Specialist, Hospitality Leadership, and IT Support Specialist. Integral questions guiding the development process include identifying competencies for learner mastery and determining evidence of competency demonstration, which provides seamless articulation to credit programs. Leveraging multimedia tools for content development ensures adaptive learning pathways that respond to student engagement and understanding, fostering a flexible and student-centric learning experience.

Converting CE programs to Online

Midlands Technical College sought to establish a robust online presence for its Continuing Education department and chose Erudite Ingenuity to facilitate this paradigm shift. With a strategic focus on deploying over 50 courses spanning diverse domains such as Healthcare, Business, Writing, Supervision, Technical, Program Management, and Communication, the college witnessed a tangible return on investment. Our collaborative efforts included extensive consultation with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to align training goals and objectives, emphasizing a tailored approach to each course. The project showcased a commitment to innovative learning methodologies, with a particular emphasis on interactive elearning techniques. Additionally, we crafted comprehensive instructor manuals, designed assessments, and collaborated directly with key stakeholders, including the Vice President, Provost, and Senior Leadership at the college. This project stands as a testament to our dedication to advancing education through technology, fostering a dynamic and impactful learning environment at Midlands Technical College.

Energy Conservation Course development

In partnership with Northeast Community College, we completed a collaborative project with the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District (NRD) aimed at developing a compelling and informative Aquifer Management course for the local farming community. In close partnership with the Director of Natural Resources District, our team diligently designed and developed the course to meet the specific rules and regulations governing water use from the Ogallala Aquifer. The focus was on creating a seamless course flow and dynamic content to effectively engage and educate the farming community on vital aquifer management practices. The course, a mandatory requirement for every farmer in the Lower Elkhorn area, was seamlessly integrated into the Learn Dash Learning Management System (LMS). To ensure comprehensive understanding and compliance, we incorporated assessments to gauge participants' knowledge. This project underscores our commitment to delivering tailored educational solutions that address the unique needs of local communities and contribute to sustainable resource management practices.

Classroom Course development

In partnership with the College of Southern Maryland, Erudite Ingenuity successfully completed a curriculum development project for Charles County Government. This project was for on-site instructor led curriculum to help emerging leaders build skills and learn how to manage effectively. Erudite Ingenuity applied the ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation) framework to conceptualize all course content, defining titles, drafting comprehensive descriptions, and establishing clear objectives for all 12 courses. Deliverables included detailed agendas, PowerPoints, instructor and student materials, activities, assessments, and curated outside resource lists.

LMS Migration

Erudite Ingenuity successfully completed a project in collaboration with Prince George’s Community College Continuing Education department. Erudite Ingenuity seamlessly partnered with 10 Continuing Education (CE) instructors to orchestrate the migration from Canvas to Blackboard, ensuring a seamless transition while providing expert guidance on the nuances between these two Learning Management Systems. Our comprehensive services went beyond traditional course development, encompassing the creation of engaging games, the establishment of quizzes and exams, and personalized training sessions tailored to meet the unique needs of each instructor. The success of this multifaceted endeavor underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch educational solutions and contributing to the advancement of online learning environments.

Mission critical Course development

In partnership with Midlands Technical College, Erudite Ingenuity is proud to highlight the successful completion of a transformative project with AVTEC, a company that had traditionally focused on high-quality, in-person training. Recognizing the need to adapt to changing dynamics, AVTEC sought our expertise to transition seamlessly into Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT). Facing challenges associated with a rapidly growing business, AVTEC aimed to meet the increasing demands for training while managing a backlog that was impacting various aspects of their operations. Our team deployed a comprehensive course to all clients and partners, providing over 40 hours of instruction in collaboration with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and the Director of Customer Experience. We also facilitated instructor training on the D2L Learning Management System (LMS), ensuring a smooth transition to online learning. Our support extended to online LMS administration, course copying, and editing. 

Instructor Training

Our collaboration aimed at propelling Prince George’s Community College (PGCC) towards offering a dynamic self-paced program and advancing future online course developments within the Continuing Education department. Two pivotal courses, the Online Development Course and the Online Teacher Training Course, were meticulously deployed on PGCC's Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS) to empower instructors with essential skills for effective online teaching. Instructors enrolled in the Online Teacher Training Course gained expertise in utilizing PGCC’s Blackboard LMS, incorporating 20+ customized screencasts, and mastering tools like Zoom integration. Simultaneously, the Online Development Course equipped instructors with the skills to craft compelling online courses using PGCC’s Blackboard LMS, employing continuing education templates, and leveraging the platform's built-in tools for content creation. The training emphasized Universal Design for Learning (UDL) guidelines and adherence to Quality Matters rubric essentials. Our commitment to active learning techniques was paramount, focusing on discussion forums, deliberate practice, elaborative questions, case studies, and the application of concrete examples and commentary.

A Competency-Based Education Development with PGCC...

Erudite Ingenuity designed Competency-Based micro-pathways for Prince George's Community College in Maryland.