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Family, Food, and Fun

Family, Food, and Fun...

There is a good reason most of our clients become repeat customers...we are passionate about everything we do. Starting with our tight-knit family and close circle of friends. At home, we love to cook, laugh, and hang out with our kids. At work, we are not much different, we try to laugh each day...Okay, sometimes this is a tall order when we have deadlines or someone is cranky. When we are with our clients, we enjoy laughing, poking fun at ourselves, sharing our thoughts on new tech, great books, or talking about our recent trips. We attempt to infuse joy in all of our interactions, just like we do in our kitchen. 

As Director of Ingenuity, Colleen Mallory brings her inventive, skillful, and educated ideas to our company. Ingenuity is defined as “the quality of being cleverly inventive or resourceful, as well as skillfulness of conception or design,” and at Erudite Ingenuity we are always looking for innovative ways to get better.

Colleen has worked in the corporate sector, as well as the higher education space, during her career. Her expertise in both industries provides Erudite Ingenuity with a dynamic educator who is skilled in the transference of strategic thinking into tactical actions, as well as an academic who encourages innovative thinking, coupled with critical reasoning.

Colleen's favorite quote - "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle

Colleen has vast experience creating and delivering soft skills training to businesses, including training specifically focused on emotional intelligence and generational diversity issues. Colleen is an online pedagogical expert with a highly proficient knowledge of all of the leading learning management systems (LMS). She possesses substantial expertise of the instructional design process and has significant curriculum development experience, both for academic and corporate deployment. She is a passionate learner and leader focused on elucidating strengths in others and creating a compassionate environment. To get to know Colleen on a more personal level, check out her blog. She shares lots of pictures, her favorite recipes, and all kinds of great stuff. 

Brian's favorite quote - "With malice toward none, with charity for all..." - Abraham Lincoln

When Brian Mallory began his career as a salesman in the manufacturing industry, his colleagues were often surprised to see him return from a sales call with grease on his hands and shirt. When asked how he managed to get so dirty on a sales call, his answer also surprised them. “I was on the factory floor.” Brian’s passion for learning his customers’ business…for getting in there and understanding how things work…before recommending a solution made him one of the most successful young salesmen in his industry. It’s a passion that drives him to this very day and serves him well at Erudite Ingenuity.

From his early years in the Midwest, where he provided organizations with state-of-the-art machine tool installations designed to improve manufacturing output, Brian’s sales career continued to flourish through the late 80s and early 90s in the boom of lean cell implementations. During this time, as he continued to hone his “hands on” approach to sales, Brian was also developing the theories and approaches that would ultimately lead to the creation of the Discovery Selling System—a system that revolutionized consultative sales.

Testing the waters first as an independent sales consultant, Brian soon found his methods and services in high demand by numerous clients across the county and in a variety of industries. By 2003, he was ready to launch his own full service, multi-dimensional sales strategy organization and Face2Face Solutions was born. Several years later, Colleen joined Brian and together they expanded the business and launched Erudite Ingenuity.