Community Coaching - January 17, 2020

Common Issue We Heard...

Today, we heard loud and clear that we are often responsible for moving projects forward, but we don't have the authority to hold people accountable for completing tasks. This is such a difficult issue to overcome...You have deadlines when leading a project and are responsible for seeing it through to completion, but sometimes what you need falls to the bottom of the list for others on the team. 

Key Takeaway...

Implementing a visual project management software puts the onus on the tool to alert others of approaching deadlines. When you are the project lead, you need to set up your tool to let others know when they have missed deadlines. Stay consistent and keep your project management tool updated. 

Click link on image to find out more about Smartsheet. (Please note the link is an affiliate link.) 

Book Recommendation

Okay, I know the title makes it seem like the book is only for females, but trust me, this book is great for staying on track to meet your goals this year. I highly recommend it....


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