We are nationally recognized as experts in the community college market. We begin each engagement with an in-depth conversation to understand your goals and objectives. We possess a depth of experience that covers Industry 4.0, additive manufacturing, information technology, construction management, healthcare, and more, which makes us uniquely qualified to deliver the kinds of innovative, customized leadership training solutions that touch–and transform—an organization at every level. Let’s get started on yours.

Brian Mallory has coached hundreds of college senior leaders.

In our experience working with some of the best community colleges in the country, one of the main themes we have learned is that there are many different divisions within a college that are reaching out to business and industry in their communities. We believe that leadership needs to play an integral role in streamlining your business development efforts. 

If you are looking to expand your contract training efforts, customize degree programs for a particular industry, build foundation relationships, provide workforce training, or simply rent space, we can help you align all of your resources and be effective in your community. 

We begin our work together by understanding all of the assets that your college can bring to market. Secondly, we understand the talent that exists within your organization, focusing on the team members that will help us to move from a reactive to a proactive working environment. Don't worry if this sounds like a lot of work, we have a tremendous amount of experience and will walk you through the process, leading and coaching all of your team members to truly affect change.  

We Follow Transformational Leadership Principles...
Idealized Influence

Don't be put off by the name, this simply means that we think leaders need to be positive role models. 

Inspirational Motivation
Transformational leaders have a unique ability to inspire and motivate their team to do better.
Individualized Consideration

This element is critically important to making a connection with your team. Good leaders have compassion and consideration for the individuals on their team.

Intellectual Stimulation

Great leaders challenge their team members to be innovative and creative.

Our Leadership Coaches will help you...
Improve communication
Inspire collaboration
Set Goals
Develop Your Team
We are often praised for our ability to truly listen to clients and respond with creative tools to help promote a superior performance. We create a safe environment in one-on-one coaching sessions that allows clients to feel secure to share their shortcomings, fears, and areas that need improvement. Our approach to learning is to focus on an active learning environment.

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