Do you want that customized? 

By  Colleen Mallory

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about our bespoke work with curriculum development and business development. We offer customization to meet your team's unique needs. We will continue to see this bespoke trend growing in 2019. We have noticed in our work with clients that learners respond the best when the training is created with not only the end in mind, but with a focus on what will engage the learner. We are not into the 'one size fits all' mentality because it isn't effective. 

Learners, especially Millennials and Gen Zs want companies to invest in training that is personalized and engaging. Both of these groups expect companies to care about the world at large and how we all fit into said world. Gen Zs focus on developing personal connections, so learning must take that into account. These digital natives are very used to stimulation coming from many different points all at once, so engagement is key to making an impact. 

The idea of developing curriculum that is customized begins by gaining an understanding of who is in the room and what do we want to achieve. Simply put, we develop using a backwards model of thinking, meaning that we review the knowledge we wish to convey and then step back and analyze the learners to determine how best to convey said knowledge. Customization comes into play when we gather data on the learners, play to their interests, create pathways that allow a learner to go in a different direction based on interests, but with the same end result in mind regardless of which pathway was chosen. If we develop using this criteria, we will have employees that feel supported in the workplace and are incentivized to improve and develop. 

Colleen Mallory

Colleen is a writer, teacher, and avid reader. Her love of philosophy transcends every one of her pursuits.

Colleen Mallory

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