Generating NEW Contract Training Opportunities

Community Coaching

Did you ever wish you could just ask someone which direction to take with your newest program launch? Or how you might be able to motivate your business development team to make sales calls? 

A subscription to Community Coaching provides you with two LIVE 1-hour phone calls per month and if you keep your subscription for 3 months, you will receive access to our newest class launching Summer 2019 for FREE! During the live calls, Brian will share his proven process to win new business. 

Many of our clients have said that just talking to Brian is energizing and inspirational. Now, you have the opportunity to chat with Brian in an open forum twice a month. Each call lasts one hour and together, with your colleagues across the globe, you will have the chance to brainstorm business development ideas and put plans into action to win new business.

Act today so you will be able to join our next call. Calls are scheduled the first and third Friday each month at 11 a.m. ET. 

Subscriptions will renew monthly after your first month's purchase, however you may cancel your subscription at any time with no penalty.

Is your college taking a holistic approach to its sales efforts?

1. People

We establish the trust of your team, promote open communication, recognize small victories as they happen, listen to your team’s concerns, inspire change, and encourage creativity.

2. Process

We see first-hand how your current processes are working, recognize what you value in your current processes, and offer tools to improve how you conduct daily business.

3. Sales

We show you how to sell directly to your potential clients.

4. Acumen

We provide an appealing vision to your team that instills pride in their daily interactions and an ‘ownership’ mentality when working in the field.


Boot Camp To Increase Revenue Fast

If you're not addressing organizational-wide change and want to zoom in on your business development efforts, then schedule a boot camp today!

Book a two (2) day training package (total of 12 hours of instruction) and reveal your team’s true potential. We will focus on effective marketing strategies and essential prospecting habits to uncover new business. We will teach your team how to turn introductory meetings into an opportunity for a bigger conversation. Your next discovery call with a client will be an enlightening experience if you follow our guidance. Using our solution-focused proposal writing strategies and creating a dynamic presentation for your clients, you will be sure to win the business. Our expert will offer tips to make sure your delivery is comprehensive and teach your team to invite client feedback.


Does not include travel & expenses


/Day (8 hour day)

  • Watch us structure and lead a sales call
  • Discover the true nature of your client's challenges
  •  Uncover new opportunities
  • Help your clients see past classes and understand solutions
  • Deliver results in real time
Digital Marketing 2-Day Training
  • Understanding Your Audience and Personas 
  • Understanding Social Media Platforms 
  • Understanding Your Sales Database and eMarketing Tools
  •  Content Marketing Strategy

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