Creating NEW Curriculum

Curriculum Development...

Our curriculum development team has a depth of knowledge in the course creation process. Every developer on our team is well-versed in many different subjects and all hold master's level or higher degrees. Our approach to the curriculum development process is to focus on the story that needs to be told and then create the curriculum to support the identified goals. We focus on writing engaging content, developing discussion questions to enhance the student experience, creating videos to offer different perspectives on the same subject, and writing assessments that will let you know that the learner is understanding the topic. 

Face 2 Face Content

eLearning Content

Instructional Design...

Our instructional design team has vast experience creating and delivering training for both the online modality and the classroom. Our expertise of the design process includes the ability to effectively translate ideas and theories into meaningful course content. Using the Backwards Design model, our storyboarding techniques lead to the production of stellar content. We have the knowledge to work with all of the popular learning management systems and we insure SCORM compliance. Our designs include interactive and responsive web architecture and the application of multimedia tools to enhance the learner experience.

Mobile Learning


Instructor-Led Online

Scenario Based Learning 

Our Content, Our Instructor

Choose your curriculum from our soft skills library.


Per 3 hour course

  • We will customize the content
  • Create multimedia interactives
  • Upload it to your learning management system
  •  Our skilled instructors will teach the first class for you
  • All you have to do is advertise your new course offering and watch your revenue grow
Your Content, Your Instructor

Share your curriculum for a soft skills class with us.


Per 3 hour course

  • we will write your online content
  • create multimedia interactives
  • upload it to your learning management system
  • employ one of your stellar instructors to teach the first class
  • All you have to do is advertise your new course offering and watch your revenue grow



Colleen is an expert course developer and someone I enjoy working with on projects. She successfully moved 44 of our courses to the online modality. She surpassed our expectations and met all deadlines. She is committed to excellence and superior service. Colleen demonstrated this by reworking an entire course over a weekend when the textbook changed unexpectedly. She did so without hesitation so that our students had a seamless experience when class started on that Monday. I highly recommend Colleen. 

Amy Scully

Midlands Technical College

Executive Director of Programs, Corporate & Continuing Education


I have worked with Colleen on a very diverse set of online curriculum development projects over the past two years. Colleen's background in teaching allows her to take her skill set to next level and not only create high-quality content, but creates high-quality content that will resonate with her audience. Colleen is great to work with and exceed your expectations.

Lindsay Spiegel

Northeast Community College

Director, Center for Enterprise


Colleen, you and your team's diligent effort over the last years with our organization is unparalleled. Your work is beyond satisfaction! Thanks for being the asset you have become.

Chris Huntley

Millstone MGMT Group

Vice President

Our goal is to help institutions, just like yours, create a dynamic, engaging, and thoughtful learning program. Our team is comprised of academic and business professionals that are skilled in the transference of strategic thinking into tactical actions. Our team has helped many clients create robust online programs, develop customized curriculum for their corporate clients, improve and streamline online courses to maintain consistency across departments, and create certificate programs that can be delivered online or in the classroom. Many of our clients have successful signature programs that are classroom-based, one of our specialities is to design that signature program for the online modality, effectively creating another revenue stream for a program that is already successful at your institution. If you already have an online program, consider engaging our services to implement changes, train your faculty, create and deploy new courses, or develop improved processes. Another area that we are providing real impact for our clients is to develop curriculum that replaces 'canned' courses purchased from third-party vendors and instead focuses on your stellar instructors.