Content Marketing Outsourcing Subscriptions

Effective content marketing strategies are designed to create and retain a clearly defined audience. Focusing on your content marketing will optimize student enrollments, increase revenues, boost community awareness of your programs, and develop your corporate relationships. Our clients have reported that content creation and production is the #1 problem with marketing strategies.  Audiences are savvy and expect content that is creative, rich, and timely, so spending time on the writing process is key to an effective marketing campaign. Our Content Marketing Subscriptions focus on specific program areas, so that you are able to decide where to target your efforts. 

We have four different program areas to choose from: Information Technology, Leadership, Manufacturing, and Healthcare. You can choose only one area, just two or three, or all four. 

Choose Your Package

You will receive 2 articles a month from the areas you choose. Each article will be fully vetted, include links and graphics, and provide timely, robust content. You are free to use the content in any way that you would like. We encourage you to add information about your featured programs, tell your readers how to register for a course, or include some regional data to bolster the article.

Content Marketing


3 Month Package

Content Marketing


3 Month Package

Content Marketing


3 Month Package

For example...

Let’s say that you would like to promote a program in the IT area over the next few months, as well as advertise a new Manufacturing certificate program. A good strategy would be to buy the IT 3-month package and the Manufacturing 3-month package. You will receive two articles on IT hot topics and two articles on Manufacturing hot topics each month to use however you would like. We suggest promoting these articles on social media, landing pages, brochures, blog posts, and purchased media. Feel free to add in your course offerings, brand the content with your logo and contact information, and provide regional messaging. Remember, content is the key to any good marketing strategy. 

Digital Marketing 2-Day Training

Do you understand how to market effectively in this competitive landscape? We know how daunting it is to develop a marketing program that truly leads to new students. Our two-day package includes an introduction to understanding your audience, a determination of the best social media platforms for your marketing goals, tips for managing your sales database from a marketing perspective, and the first steps to creating a content marketing plan. 

We will cover...

  • Understanding Your Audience and Personas 
  • Understanding Social Media Platforms 
  • Understanding Your Sales Database and eMarketing Tools 
  •  Content Marketing Strategy 
Digital Marketing


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