We know how important response time is to increasing your enrollment numbers. Our inquiry management system is designed to engage, qualify, and convert your leads with no down time. Did you know that 72% of the time a buyer makes a decision solely on who responded first to an inquiry? Our inquiry management system is increasing conversion rates by up to 300%. We respond within five minutes via text messaging, chat, and phone. And we work after hours, which happens to be when 50% of leads are generated. 

Instantly engage your students

We collect your leads from various channels (chat, text, Google AdWords, landing pages, and web forms) and funnel them into our system so we can instantly engage with them.  The faster you respond to the leads, the higher the yield in your conversion rates.

Provide an exceptional experience to your students

We respond within minutes using chat, text messaging, and/or phone to qualify the potential student, answer questions, collect lead details, and contact information. We communicate using your brand voice while personalizing every experience on any of your communication channels.

Book more appointments for your enrollment advisors

Once the appointment is booked, we send all of the information gathered during the conversation to the right person on your team. Your enrollment advisors will be able to view the entire conversation, see what the students was interested in, what kinds of questions were already asked and answered, and really have a rich discussion with the student. Watch your conversions grow.

Watch your appointment funnel grow

Watch your ‘Appointment Funnel™ grow on a daily basis. You can track and measure everything so you know where the leads are from, what ads are working, what the students are asking, and how to reply. Reports will include your conversion rates from web visitors to sales qualified leads to appointments booked. All sales qualified leads will be integrated into your CRM and marketing funnel so you can continue to stay in touch.

Your Advisors - Our Software

Use the platform in your admissions department to make it easier for your team to instantly engage and qualify your prospective students. 

Full Service Contact Center

Our U.S. based team is equipped with answers to all your common questions. The full-service contact center team can book more appointments for you and significantly reduce the number of touches required by your team.