Event & Focus Group Facilitation

The first step to a great facilitation is the ability to listen well and that starts with a discussion surrounding the objective of the engagement. During the event, we focus on making everyone comfortable, creating an atmosphere that promotes conversation, and engaging the audience in a respectful manner. We have some tricks up our sleeves to encourage attendee participation, so consider us for your next focus group, event, trade show.

Qualities of a great facilitation...

Encourages participation
Powerful listening
Agile and flexible
Dynamic and respectful

We have the ability to cross pollinate ideas and best practices with our client's goals, which results in us being able to deliver higher levels of thinking, strategy, and performance. We have a hands-on engagement style that delivers results. Listening well requires focus and the ability to set aside technology and engage in face-to-face dialogue. When we are in the room with your attendees, we are 100% focused on the goal of the event. 

Check out some pics from recent facilitations...