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We have worked at colleges from Seattle to South Carolina and we’ve earned a reputation as an industry leader—a leader that is focused on results. 

Let us help you get more business by simplifying the way you get opportunities, they way you respond to opportunities, and finally, the way you deliver opportunities. 

Brian Mallory

What You’ll Get During This Free Strategy Call

We get the college space...We know how to navigate the non-credit and credit perspectives, we know how contract training teams work, we know the struggles of leadership, we understand the silos, and we have the ability to align people and initiatives.

We will delve into a discussion that is focused on your challenges and provide you with actionable steps to take immediately to generate more opportunities.

What You’ll Do Before the Call

After you book your appointment, I will ask you to email me your 3 biggest challenges right now. These challenges will be the focus of our discussion. I will review your team's homepage and do a little research into your area as well. 

What Happens During the Call

Our call will be primarily focused on how to overcome your identified roadblocks. I will provide you with activities to put into action today.

What Changes After the Call

If you implement the action items that we discussed, you will see an increase in your opportunities.

About Brian Mallory

Brian is a hands-on consultant. His advice is actionable and community colleges that have hired him have watched their opportunities grow. 

Why Our Clients Recommend Our Services...


Brian brings value to your organization. His ability to package his experience and immerse himself into your organization is outstanding. He is a true leader in his field!

Eric Johnson

Associate Vice President of Center for Enterprise, Northeast Community College

LERN Consultant


Brian is a detailed oriented person with a proven sales training and solutions process in place. He is very engaging and knowledgeable in the educational and manufacturing industries. Brian's methods give structure to your process, creating a new birth of culture to form. His process has involved our whole team, allowing buy-in at every level. Thanks Brian, I look forward to continuing the relationship! 

Doug Bagley

Corporate Training Supervisor at M-TEC and Personal Financial Advisor at Williams and Co. LLC


I hired Brian because of his expertise in community college contract training, with a particular emphasis on sales. Brian was excellent to work with and I found that he had a thorough grasp of what it was that I was trying to achieve. I would definitely hire him again!

Dr. Michelle Mueller

Vice President of Economic & College Development at Washtenaw Community College

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