How Do You Sell and Social Distance? 

By  Colleen Mallory

How Do You Sell and Social Distance?

We are living in a crazy world right now...We need to nurture our client relationships and develop new relationships while social distancing. Do you feel comfortable reaching out to clients and offering help? Are you ready to respond to client needs with social distancing in mind? 

We are experts at selling in the virtual world.

We are ready to help you engage with your clients and reach new clients using only the phone. Yes, it can be done and we can show you how.  Your approach and preparation prior to making phone calls is key to making this work. You need to have an idea of what you are going to say, you need to rehearse a bit before diving into a phone call blitz, and you need to smile.  That’s right, it has been said again and again, but people are able to tell if you mean what you say by your tone, so smile, and relax! We will walk you through how to be effective on the phone...We will even make calls with you.

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Colleen Mallory

Colleen is a writer, teacher, and avid reader. Her love of philosophy transcends every one of her pursuits.

Colleen Mallory

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