Leadership Training

Our trainers embrace the methodology of transformational leadership. We believe it is important to inspire, promote continuous learning, and understand the unique characteristics of the people on your team. All engagements with Erudite Ingenuity begin with an in-depth conversation to understand your goals and objectives. Our experienced trainers combine a thorough understanding of leadership with a depth of experience that covers education, manufacturing, technology, construction management, healthcare and more, Erudite Ingenuity is uniquely qualified to deliver the kinds of innovative, customized leadership training solutions that touch–and transform—an organization at every level. Let’s get started on yours…

We believe in the 4 Elements of Transformational Leadership:
Idealized Influence

Don't be put off by the name, this simply means that we think leaders need to be positive role models. 

Inspirational Motivation
Transformational leaders have a unique ability to inspire and motivate their team to do better.
Individualized Consideration

This element is critically important to making a connection with your team. Good leaders have compassion and consideration for the individuals on their team.

Intellectual Stimulation

Great leaders challenge their team members to be innovative and creative.

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