Lead Well Series




Would you like to learn how to lead better?  Our Lead Well Series focuses on helping you become a better leader by starting with a course called Creative Problem Solving, which is a key ingredient in good leadership. Studies have shown that successful problem solvers tend to use the same process, whether the problems are large or small. This first course in our series of four will help leaders guide their teams to creatively solve workplace issues. The Leadership and Influence course is the second course in this series and you will learn that true leadership is inspiring others to do what needs to be done. Once you have an understanding of leadership skills, you will be introduced to the third course in this series, Servant Leadership, which focuses on the philosophy that great leaders should boost their team's confidence and help them to become successful. High Performance Teams is the fourth and final course in this series and you will learn how to develop your own high performing team. Creating a high performance team improves employee satisfaction and enhances collaboration.

Each course has a minimum of 12 modules, including videos, quizzes, and interactions.

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