Who is in charge of learning?

Program Development

When business development is running efficiently, programming can focus on developing new programs, evaluating current programs, hiring talented trainers and participating in the sales process from a learning outcomes perspective.  When programming is focused on learning what programs would best serve the community and industry, a strategy naturally develops to help business development increase revenue. A good strategy ensures that business development and programming are working together create innovative programs that respond to the needs of the community and area businesses.

We believe that program development should include...

Community & Industry Awareness
Identify Prosperous Programs
Talent Acquisition
Proposal Writing

Custom Learning Solutions

Our learning team specializes in writing and implementing customized curriculum for all modalities, creating signature courses for your college, and employee training programs. Our curriculum development team has a depth of knowledge in the course creation process. Every developer on our team is well-versed in many different subjects and all hold master's level or higher degrees. Our approach to the curriculum development process is to focus on the story that needs to be told and then create the curriculum to support the identified goals. 

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Program Deployment & Assessment...

Did you already move your courses online? Our experts will review your course and offer tips and recommendations. 

Share your curriculum and we will write your online content, create interactive multimedia, and upload it to your learning management system. 

Keep offering excellent leadership courses by implementing our online leadership program. Choose any six courses...We will personalize the content with your logo and upload it to your learning management system.

Your facilitators are superior teachers in the classroom, help them to be just as stellar online. We offer one-on-one coaching, course review, and hands-on training hours when courses are live.

We know what you are thinking...your product or service is technical and really difficult to understand...

So, how would it ever be translated into the online modality? Well, you would be surprised. At Erudite Ingenuity, we have created online training for programming dispatch consoles, aquifer management, healthcare entities, retail-based customer service programs, emotional intelligence for banking professionals, and many others. 

Our instructional design team has vast experience creating and delivering training for both the online modality and the classroom. Our expertise of the design process includes the ability to effectively translate ideas and theories into meaningful course content. Using the Backwards Design model, our storyboarding techniques lead to the production of stellar content. We have the knowledge to work with all of the popular learning management systems and we insure SCORM compliance. Our designs include interactive and responsive web architecture and the application of multimedia tools to enhance the learner experience.

Our Services...

Sharing with you...

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