What do we mean by bespoke? 

By  Colleen Mallory

The word bespoke has really become popular in the last few years and for good reason...We all want something specific, something just for us. So, what do we at EI mean by bespoke? Well, hearkening back to the definition of bespoke: "Make for a particular customer or user," we mean exactly that! And we mean it in all areas of our business...

Curriculum Development

Our curriculum developers specialize in taking your own unique ideas, content, and desires and turning it into stellar courses. We understand that you don't want generic training that won't resonate with your clients or staff. Our work focuses on what you want to convey, we are invested in the concept of the transfer of knowledge, so to that end, we sit down with your subject matter experts and glean as much information as possible to turn that knowledge into curriculum. 

Business Development

And the bespoke work doesn't stop there...Our business development team customizes our training and techniques to meet your team's unique needs. We teach your team how to uncover new business, market effectively, and provide excellent solutions, always keeping in mind the personalities and strengths of your team. 

We get to know how you think, so that our work responds to your needs. 

Colleen Mallory

Colleen is a writer, teacher, and avid reader. Her love of philosophy transcends every one of her pursuits.

Colleen Mallory

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