Vulnerability Matters 

By  Colleen Mallory

One of my favorite authors and Ted Talkers! Brene Brown is inspirational, funny, and real. I was perusing our blog posts and realized I had never posted this amazing TED Talk. In 2011, Brene Brown's video went viral after she exposed how being vulnerable is a necessary component of finding happiness and joy. It really resonates with me because I think that our 'go-to' is often to respond with fear, instead of with "courage, compassion, and connection." Brown's words in this talk are so powerful and she really hits on the notion that our courage and willingness to be vulnerable is what opens us up to a life filled with joy. I have to say that vulnerability has never really sat well with me, I like words like strength, power, resilience, etc. The idea that being vulnerable was the surefire pathway to finding happiness and joy sounds counterintuitive to me. Brown's examination of this subject is compelling and convincing, she frankly discusses how she pushed back on the notion of becoming vulnerable and found that letting vulnerability in led to a fuller and happier life. Take a listen today!

One of Brene Brown's lesser known books should really be pushed to the forefront with this #TimesUp movement. She published Women & Shame in 2004, however the notion that shame shapes our behavior and damages our spirit is a timely subject. 

Colleen Mallory

Colleen is a writer, teacher, and avid reader. Her love of philosophy transcends every one of her pursuits.

Colleen Mallory

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